Gann Foundations Course

The essential knowledge you need to decode market cycles

My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on mathematical sequences” – W.D Gann

This course will give you the essential background knowledge on cycle theory which is absolutely necessary for you to succeed in the Gann field. Without this background, you will never be able to understand the mechanics of Gann’s trading systems let alone piece them together.

Imagine trying to build a spacecraft and not being aware of the law of gravity, it’s going to be nearly impossible to accomplish your goal. Similarly, most Gann students never get the basic foundation right which is why even after years of pursuit, they are no closer to their goal than when they started and market timing is still a big elusive mystery.

Once you have the right foundation, you will find it easier to understand Gann’s work and be ready to start doing the work to decode your market cycles. Unfortunately, there is no ONE source where you can comprehensively build your foundation. This is why it took me years of research BEFORE I even knew what to do.

My intention with this course is to give you all the knowledge it took me years to piece together from various different sources, fields of knowledge, authors and Gann gurus along with hundreds of books, dozens of seminars and 1000’s of hours of studying – all in ONE PLACE.

For the first time, you will have in your hands, a map to follow to your end goal which is trading profits through Gann cycles. This will prove to be invaluable to you in your Gann journey and you will actually have the knowledge to figure it out.

At the end of this course, you will understand the foundation of cycle theory and have a path to work on to figure out the astro timing cycles yourself. You will also have several techniques to find very profitable pivots in your markets as well.

You must successfully complete this course in order to apply for the “Gann cycles decoder” course. That’s where we focus on figuring out your most dominant market cycle. Without the right background, you will be confused and lost from lesson 1. This course will give you the knowledge, tools and the right mindset to approach the WORK required for the more advanced level of market timing.

If you wish to join the level 2 course afterwards, your tuition fee from this course will be applied towards the tuition for that course!

This online program is self study with some email support. You will receive a lesson at the beginning of the month and your job is to work through the lessons and hand in your homework to receive your next lesson.

Learning foundational principles does take time to understand and apply. This is not something that can be taught over a weekend seminar. However, keeping your trading profits in mind, you will be given specific techniques in this course that you can immediately start applying.

What You Will Learn...

Lesson # 1 Finding Your Markets

Do you know what your MOST PROFITABLE market is?

Ever wonder why some markets always go against you?

Ever wonder why sometimes total market amateurs make astronomical winning trades almost by accident?

In this module, you’ll learn a simple yet very powerful technique to find out which stocks, commodities, currencies resonate with YOU. You might be surprised to find out Gann wasn’t profitable in every market he traded, neither will you be.

He always seemed to get in too soon or too late. No matter if he sold them short or bought them he always ended up with a loss, while other stocks always seemed to favor him… When you find that a stock does not seem to work well for you, leave it alone. Quit trading in it, and stick to the ones that favor you… For many years Mex Pete was one of my particular pets. I could always make money in it. My forecasts on it were so accurate that people all over the country who subscribed to my market letter called me the ‘Mex Pete Specialist.’ I was able to catch its moves up and down over 90 per cent of the time just the same as if I had been making the fluctuations myself. Many other stocks work just as well as this for me, while others do not favor me and I have never made any money out of them.” – W.D Gann, Truth of the stock tape p.75.

This KEY is rarely spoken about publicly, which is why you may be hearing it for the first time. Once you find your markets, and have your new watchlist, almost immediately, you will see greater profits while having peace of mind.

This one concept alone when understood and applied correctly could have the biggest leverage in your trading success.

People who’ve spent years trying to trade, who might even be doing everything right but aren’t successful – this is YOUR KEY.

You’ll learn the secrets inside this module and that is just the beginning.

  • How to decode your personal vibration and how to use that with your trading
  • Discover the secret technique market legends use to find the most profitable markets that resonate with you
  • Find out exactly which instruments YOU should be trading for maximum profits
  • Find out which markets YOU should be avoiding at all costs!

Lesson # 2 Elevate Your Money Vibration

In this lesson you will learn the irrefutable laws of money and the source code to wealth attraction. This equally applies to trading and all other income generating activities. This is such a BIG KEY to your trading success and yet it’s almost never discussed. If you seem to be doing everything right with your trading but just can’t seem to turn a profit…this may be the culprit.

  • Explore the FORCES that move money and how to harness the energy
  • How to remove subconscious energy blocks preventing your from your trading success
  • How to raise your money vibration so you find it easy to make money trading
  • My personal favorite technique that guarantees you make more money every single year
  • How to clear your mind and feelings from years of self sabotage

Lesson # 3 Time Cycle Theory

In this lesson you will learn the true nature and reason for market movements. You will understand supply and demand in a completely new way and how everything ties in around time cycles . You will begin to understand the natural ebb & flow of market movements of YOUR MARKETS. This is a key lesson to cover the basics, so you know how to read price and monitor time cycles.

If I have the data, I can tell by the study of cycles when a certain event will occur in the future. The limit of future predictions based on exact mathematical law is only restricted by lack of knowledge of correct data on past history to work from.” – W.D Gann

  • Understanding the root cause behind ALL market movements, it’s not what most people think!
  • You will learn how to plot supply & demand levels as made by market makers
  • How the future is based on past movements – A deeper look into Gann’s quote
  • You will begin to see market movements around market cycles
  • How the unique market vibrations determine all market movements, pivots and volume!
  • Mathematical rules the markets MUST follow, as if by law, around its spirals of growth and decay
  • A practical understanding of wave theory and how it applies to all financial markets
  • How the news and algo trading affect cycles

Lesson # 4 Time Cycles Crash Course

You will learn in baby steps all the key principles behind financial astrology and astronomy so that you can understand what Gann speaks of in his writing and ultimately apply it to your trading. You won’t have to spend years studying complex literature.

  • Understand the why and how of planetary influences
  • Which planets, stars and calculation methods to focus on
  • Understanding the basic method, the key pieces of data, the influences of numbers and movement of bodies
  • How to read a natal horoscope like a professional
  • Why is the average astrologer not rich?

Lesson # 5 Advanced Time Cycles

In this lesson you will learn the advanced astro concepts Gann allures to in his writings but never mentions directly. You’ll be able to piece together his work by going through this material. You’ll begin to understand the cause behind time cycles.

  • Understand the relationship and influence between cycles
  • Understand all the major phenomena that causes cycles
  • How a key concept will allow you to catch major trend reversal
  • How to find profitable setups based on everything covered so far

Lesson # 6 Trading Solar Cycles

In this lesson you will learn why the sun is the most important cycle in any market and how you can include this in your trading and more importantly long term asset management.

  • Key astronomical and astrological data regarding the sun and how you can apply it to the markets
  • How to understand the most powerful pivots in the market as it pertains to this cycle
  • Understanding the squaring of the sun to find market high’s and low’s
  • Understanding the movement of the solar degrees and how to find major pivots

Lesson # 7 Trading Lunar Cycles

In this lesson you will see firsthand the power of a cycle at work in your markets! You will understand the various ways Gann used this to forecast long-term trends but also short-term pivot points. We will look at how Gann constructed his financial calendars, timetables and much more…

  • Key astronomical and astrological data regarding the moon and how you can apply it to the markets
  • They key mathematical numbers related to the moon and why you must incorporate it in your trading
  • They BIG SECRET Gann learned as mentioned in Tunnel Thru the Air
  • The 3 different ways to trade the moon and understanding market inversions

Lesson # 8 Planetary Support & Resistance

In this lesson you will learn the advanced technique to plot planetary data on the chart to get very accurate support and resistance levels just like Gann did! You will finally understand and know how to plot this data on your own charts.

Now, by a study of the TIME PERIODS and TIME CYCLES you will learn why tops and bottoms are found at certain times and why Resistance Levels are so strong at certain times and bottoms and tops hold around them” – W.D Gann.

  • How to convert planetary price lines on any chart so you can easily find the strongest S&R levels
  • How to find the secret ratio of your market so that the data is fine tuned for your market
  • How to find the conversion factors for your market so you don’t have to worry about scaling your charts

Lesson # 9 Chart Reading Mastery

In this lesson you will learn the basics of chart reading from a cycle’s perspective. We will cover the basics of price action and chart patterns and focus on why price moves the way it does and why there is repetition. We will also take a deeper dive into the markets from a mathematical point of view to see relationships that are not apparent to the naked eye.

  • Understanding the nuances and psychology behind price action, chart patterns and harmonic patterns
  • How to easily interpret market psychology and momentum around key areas
  • Locating cycle origins and understanding impulse moves
  • Understanding hidden mathematical ratios behind price movement in time and volume
  • Understanding Pythagoras formulas as applied to the markets and more
  • Determining momentum and price targets from impulses and cycle origins
  • How to call out market tops and bottoms in advance
  • Applying cycle ratios in both time and price
  • Understanding the 3D nature of a chart

Lesson # 10 Mastering Your Psychology

In this lesson you will learn one of the most important aspects of being a trader and more importantly a market forecaster – the right mindset and your inner game. How to follow your trading plan and not be subdued by your emotions.

  • Understanding your need for perfection and the need for precision
  • Tools to manage fear and greed so you can execute trades properly
  • How to develop your mental edge as a trader
  • How to overcome performance anxiety
  • How to develop self confidence as a trader
  • How to remove subconscious blocks and fears that hold you back in your trading and life
  • How to install positive and powerful beliefs which propel you towards success in trading
  • How to set the right targets and how to remain committed to your success
  • How to be disciplined to bring your trading goals to reality

Lesson # 11 Introduction to Gann Squares

In this lesson you will learn everything about Gann squares, it’s one of his most popular yet least understood of tools but very powerful when applied correctly.

  • What Gann Said about the Square of nine
  • Square of nine time applications
  • Square of nine price applications
  • Time as price and price as time
  • Angle of Projection and Repetitions
  • Converting cycles data to price
  • All other squares and wheels (hexagon, wheel of 4, 12, 24, 36 etc.)

Lesson # 12 Introduction to Sacred Geometry

In this lesson you will learn how cycles form market geometry that can be used for trading purposes. You will also learn how market vibrations can be turned into visual patterns for the strongest time and price points.

Lesson # 13 Introduction to Tunnel Thru The Air

In this lesson, probably for the first time, you will be shown how to properly decode TTTA. You will learn how to approach the book from a research perspective to find the gold that lies inside.

Lesson # 14 Introduction to Market Mathematics

In this lesson you will learn how to forecast market cycles based on astro principles. You will be able to forecast major turns on any markets based on mathematical principles. We will also look at octaves, cycles isolation and magic numbers in your markets.

Lesson # 15 How to decode Gann’s Swing Trading System

In this lesson you will learn, at a high level, the approach required to decoding Gann’s swing trading system along with a basic explanation on how I decoded my USDCAD market.

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program is ideal if you have a burning desire to learn Gann’s timing strategies and have the “I’ll do whatever it takes to figure it out” mentality.

This program does not teach the fundamentals of trading and as such it is required you know how to trade and must have some live trading experience.

Previous experience with Gann material is not necessary but helps as you’ll get a lot of light bulb moments.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, considerable amount of time and effort will be required for you to succeed with the material.

The content is laid out in simple English with many examples so that the concepts are easy to grasp. This program is self study and as such has limited email support.

Many of the esoteric secrets of theories are not explained, rather their functional value as applied to the markets is conveyed only.

How Do I Join?

The investment to join the program is a one-time payment of $5,500 USD.

After you have made the payment, you will receive an email to sign an NDA.

Once that is complete, you will be enrolled into the program and will be given access to the first lesson.

There are no refunds once you are accepted into the program.


After you’ve enrolled, please fill out this form and wait for further instructions via email.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The knowledge and results of this work are so unique and valuable, all purchasers will be required to sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement stating you will not reveal, reproduce or share the methodology, dates and research results with anyone.


1. Why are you teaching?
This is to help the true dedicated Gann seeker.
I have had a lot of requests for teaching material from Gann students all over the world to help them piece the Gann puzzle. I remember the intense desire to learn but the frustration of the whole process when I was getting started.

If I could find a course like this, it would have literally saved me a few years of research and tens of thousands of dollars going down the wrong rabbit holes.

2. What will I learn?
Your will learn how to decode markets using astro cycles. This course is to give you the right foundation and show you the techniques.
3. Can I apply to “Gann Cycles decoders” directly if I have Gann experience?
You are asked to take this course to ensure you have the right foundation first. A lot of gann students are misled to think they have the correct foundation. It took me years to build this knowledge base.

If you wish to take the Gann cycle decoders course after this, the tuition from this course will be applied against that course, essentially rendering this course for free. You can choose to join the complete program at the same time.

4. Will this course help me make money?
Yes, even though this course focuses on giving you the right Gann foundation. You will also learn techniques to forecast time cycles in lessons 6, 7, 12, 14 which you can immediately apply to your charts and trade with. You will also be given the techniques to decode any market.
5. How is this course different from other Gann courses? What happens when the program ends?
Let’s put it this way, if this exact course was available when I was getting started, I would have solved Gann in 1/10  the time it actually took me because I would have the right foundation and a map to work with.
6. How long will it take to complete the training?
This course is expected to last 6-8 months, depending on how fast you wish to go through it.
7. What happens when the program ends?
You will be able to decode market astro cycles yourself and have the right foundation to continue your Gann journey. You will also be able to apply for the cycles decoder course.