Forecasting The Great Recession of 2020-2021

Never miss out on an opportunity like a good recession” – Jack Welch

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How it’s possible to forecast a recession using the power of time cycles
  2. How you can monetize from the upcoming recession beginning in 2020


Seeing What You Believe

“History repeats itself” – have you heard that before?

There’s a lot of truth to it even when it comes to the stock market.


The markets are governed by human nature, and human nature doesn’t change.

A lot of people just can believe that the seemingly random squiggles on a chart are anything other than…well, random.

This theory’s has been popularized in academia after the publishing of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”.

But to the trained eye and the knowledgeable trader, there are cycles and patterns at play!

Here’s a thought:

The market is a zero sum game right? (Yes)

If the average trader and the masses of people are losing money, someone on the other end is making the money.

And so in the 2008 recession when the financial crisis we lost around $10 trillion dollars…

Where did that money go?

Is it possible they have access to resources and information we don’t?

Is it possible that recessions can be engineered?

Well, let’s find out…

Gann’s Financial Table

Reviewing Past Recessions

Cycle Counts Since Previous Recessions

World Events

What should YOU do?