Who We Are

We are a small team of dedicated traders who just love to learn and trade. Our team is made up of several traders with backgrounds in programming, IT and finance. Everyone specializes in different markets, strategies and trading styles. What unites us is a passion for trading and a desire to help others.

How Did We Get Here

What we teach is based on decades of labor intensive market studying that led us to find the simplest and most effective ways to trade any market profitably. We were very fortunate to meet some very successful traders while becoming traders ourselves which inspired us to really master the game. Some of the great trading legends of the past were able to achieve stratospheric trading success without any computing power and that’s what we wanted for ourselves.

Why Trader Syndicate

Our journey hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve spent a huge chunk of our lives dedicated to intense research and studying. We’ve faced many challenges along the way both personal and professional. A lot of sacrifice has gone into becoming a profitable trader. We’ve decided to create an exclusive online community where we can share our most profound and deepest research finding and profitable nuances – a mastermind group if you will.

What Is Our Mission?

My goal is pretty simple: how quick can I help you become consistently profitable?

In the past, through 1-on-1 training I’ve been able to help many people become profitable. Usually in weeks. Frankly, that’s a lot of work and it’s very exhaustive. So instead of teaching 1-on-1, I’ve decided to teach the 1-to-many. What if I could summarize everything we’ve learned into bite size learning modules for you to simply implement. This way we can help more people and when you become profitable, not only can you contribute to others but you can bring new ideas to the team. Ultimately, trader syndicate

What The Future Looks Like…

Over the next 10 years, it is estimated that another 2 billion people will come online from all parts of the developing world. There will be millions of people who will get involved with the global financial markets and trading will become even more complex. As more people get involved, different ideas will emerge and there will be unforeseen growth in trading information, techniques and strategies. To remain profitable as the markets grow and evolve, we will use the power of our global community to keep on top of all the new learnings and exchanging ideas to remain profitable.

Why struggle individually when we are all headed for the same goal?

This community is ideal for serious traders and investors who are committed to their trading success. Whether you’re a new trader, a busy professional or a seasoned professional this global mastermind group will help you take your trading to the next level.